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Free Joomla! AddOn Collection

26 Dezember 2006

At Templateplazza.com you can download:

3 skin/icon packs for Joomlaboard forum including it's editable Photoshop psd file, a custom css file to customize the look of Joomlaboard and pack of rank images. Available in colors: blue, grey, bright and dark.

Stop Press Banner Module und Content Module:
Content Modul: This module will pop up a configurable DHTML Box containing any Joomla/Mambo content (eg.News, FAQ, Static Content or Newsflash that can be defined from backend parameter),when people visit your website.
Banner Module: This module will pop up a configurable DHTML Box containing banner from your Joomla system when people visit your web.

Superlog Pro 1.5.1: is a Joomla! component that will help you monitoring your joomla website. Superlog Pro able to record all user activities (visitor and registered user) on Joomla Front End extremely and give you an extreme report about your web visitor. Superlog Pro also able to collect any chosen Query statement of MySQL (SELECT,INSERT,UPDATE, DELETE) and manage them all from Joomla backend.


Für die, die es vielleicht noch nicht kennen:
Auf Templateplazza.com findet man diverse free Joomla Addons vor:

3 Iconpacks/Skinpacks für "Joomlaboard Forum" in Farben blau, grau, dunkel, hell inclusive PSD-Files zum nachbearbeiten sowie eine CSS Datei.
Weitere Module und Komponente:
Stop Press Banner und Content Module sowie Super Log Pro 1.5.1 Komponente.


posted by Wally


Great blog you have here. Nice info.
I have started building a joomla website and have even got some joomla video tutorials to help me out.Wish me luck.
author of Building a Joomla Website and Building a Joomla Website Tutorials
commented by Anonymous faraz, 14.2.07  
thanks for the link...
commented by Anonymous Meissner, 6.1.08  
Nice suggestions. We are planning to include some add-ons and videos in our new site www.joomla-website-hosting.nl. We are however switching to Joomla 1.5 beacuse of more efficient usage for ourselves and our customers. Keep ut the good work!
commented by Blogger creativebytes, 24.2.08  
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visit : http://readymadejoomla.com/product.htm
commented by Anonymous Anonym, 11.8.08  
This is just what I was looking for. The templates are a nice idea. Good Luck
more templates easy to download
commented by Blogger nelson, 5.10.09  

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