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Joomla! 2006 Open Source CMS Award Winner

14 November 2006

Joomla wins the best Open Source Content Management System!
The final result was as follows:
1. Joomla!
2. Drupal
3. Plone

Packt Publishing announced today that Joomla was the winner of the best open source content management system award. Over 16,000 people voted for their favourite open source CMS and then the final decision was down to a judging panel. Joomla! triumphed with the most votes.

The judges had strong compliments for all finalists, with some of the highlights listed below for Joomla!:

- Very easy to install and use with lots of extensions and modules
- The documentation is exhaustive and concise
- Admin user interface is intuitive and powerful
- The backend of Joomla! is very usable and the WYSIWYG editor the content was nice
- Seems like it would scale well and provides a lot of customization options
- Large and active community
posted by Wally


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