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New great Mambo/Joomla Template: FlexyPlazza, a Flexible Template

28 Juni 2006

Templateplazza.com has released a new great flexible Template.
Flexy Plazza, a new Joomla / Mambo template addition for TemplatePlazza Template Club collection.

Flexy Plazza come with font sizer and style switcher feature that will make your web will more flexible for visitor.
User/Visitor now able to change the web font size into their own preferable size or change the template style into one of three offered lay out (1024px, 800px and liquid layout), using the changer tool that placed on top right of template. The packages also includes editable *.PSD for easier template customization.

Overview of the template:
  • Joomla 1.0.x compatible
  • Mambo 4.5.3 compatible
  • Font Sizer Feature
  • Style changer Feature
  • Valid xhtml 1.0 transitional
  • PSD images included
  • Tested in IE/Firefox/Opera/Safari
Very Cool Template!
Just download the file from download page and see the demo from demopage!
We like Templateplazza.com, they have the coolest Templates.

Auf Templateplazza.lcom findet Ihr ein neues cooles flexibles Template. Besucher der Seite können die Fontgrösse einstellen sowie auch die Styles. Zum Template gibt es ein PSD-Image zum selbst bearbeiten. Schaut euch "Flexy Plazza" einfach auf der Demoseite in oben genannten Links an.
posted by Wally


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